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Carotid Endarterectomy Specialist

Metroview Vascular & Surgical

Augustine Eze, M.D., F.A.C.S.

Vascular Surgeon & General and Vascular Surgery located in Charlotte, NC & Gastonia, NC

Stroke is a life-threatening, often unpredictable condition. Carotid artery disease significantly increases your chances of having a stroke, but it doesn’t come with symptoms. At Metroview Vascular & Surgical in Charlotte and Gastonia, North Carolina, skilled vascular surgeon Augustine Eze, MD, FACS performs carotid endarterectomy to clear your carotid arteries and reduce your chances of having a stroke. For more information about carotid artery disease and carotid endarterectomy, call Metroview Vascular & Surgical, or book an appointment online today.

Carotid Endarterectomy Q&A

What is carotid endarterectomy?

Carotid endarterectomy is a procedure to remove plaque, or fatty deposits, from your carotid arteries, which supply your brain with oxygen-rich blood. Before the procedure, Dr. Eze gives you local or general anesthesia to make sure you’re numb and don’t feel the operation. He makes an incision in your neck to access your carotid artery before carefully opening the artery and removing the plaque. Then, he closes the incision with stitches or with a patch graft from a vein. 

Another technique for carotid endarterectomy involves turning the carotid artery inside out to remove plaque from the inside. Dr. Eze gives you the details of the technique he’ll use before the date of your procedure, so you know what to expect. Once the plaque is gone, and Dr. Eze has repaired the artery, your brain receives an adequate supply of oxygen to function well with a lower risk of stroke. 

What does carotid endarterectomy treat?

Carotid endarterectomy is a highly successful treatment for carotid artery disease. If you have carotid artery disease, fatty deposits called plaque build up in your carotid arteries, making them narrow. During the early stages, it doesn’t cause any discernible symptoms. However, it increases your risk of having a stroke, which happens when your brain doesn’t get enough oxygen. 

You might have no idea that you have carotid artery disease until a stroke occurs. The signs and symptoms appear suddenly and include:


  • Numbness in your face or limbs, usually on one side
  • Weakness in your face or limbs, generally on one side
  • Loss of balance
  • Trouble speaking
  • Trouble understanding when others speak
  • Severe headache


If you have a stroke, you need emergency care right away. You should make sure that others around you know the signs of a stroke if you’re at risk for carotid artery disease because you may not be able to get help for yourself while having one. 

Dr. Eze can evaluate your arterial health to diagnose carotid artery disease before a stroke happens. 

How should I prepare for carotid endarterectomy?

After your initial treatment consultation, Dr. Eze details the steps you must take to prepare for a successful, complication-free treatment. Your instructions might include to:


  • Stop smoking right away
  • Adjust your dosages of certain medications and supplements
  • Stop taking certain medications and supplements
  • Stop eating and drinking the night before the procedure
  • Arrange for a ride home from your appointment


Dr. Eze asks lots of questions about your current health, health history, and medications during your consultation. Depending on your answers, he may give additional instructions specific to your health. 

To find out if you’re a candidate for carotid endarterectomy, book a consultation by phone or online at Metroview Vascular & Surgical today.